And the beat goes on

Liberals continue to beat the media drums for how “extremist” the Republican Party is. And surely, from where they sit, conservatives look as extreme as the liberals do to us. But we don’t need a Democrat-Lite Party. We need to offer a genuine alternative.
If we don’t believe in our core principles, why bother to claim to have any? And if we believe in them, why not insist on sticking to them and NEVER compromise? Every compromise is simply touted by liberals as proof we have no more interest in principles than they do. Both parties are currently considered as being committed only to getting elected so they can be the ones running the lives of the voters, while exempting themselves and their favored constituencies from onerous responsibilities.
So the beat goes on, and the beatings for every attempt to appear reasonable. Will we support amnesty of illegally-resident aliens? That’s only because we have no principles and are essentiually Democrat-Lite, in fact if not in name. Liberals re-define words all the time, and now they are re-defining the opposition party. “Republican” has come to mean either some variant of “evil” or, more simply, “ineffective”.

If conservative principles don’t create more prosperity for almost everyone, then let us find some principles that do. I believe that hard work and good character can be the foundations of some level of success, where success is defined as the degree of control you have over your major life decisions.  When people make decisions based on their self-interest, even if the decisions turn out poorly, they feel greater capability to cope with setbacks. The government learning curve regarding poor decisions is always much flatter than the individual human one, so it is better to not depend on government.

Few people really want to tell other people how to live, day to day. The ones who do tend to go into government careers. Few people really want to be mega-rich. The ones that do go where the money is, either the government or the financial sector. We can’t guarantee that any particular “public servant” isn’t intending to become a “public overseer”, but reducing the power and money that government has to offer will make it a less attractive career option. Banking will still attract the greedy, though they will be in the minority, and you can change banks easier than you can go live under another government.

The fewer decisions made by government, the more there are to be made at the individual level. Government usurps people’s decision-making by first spreading the financial costs around to the entire society, and then demanding that those who pay for your mistakes should get to make your decisions. Cost-sharing sounds appealing when it is helping the less fortunate, but it requires at a minimum that they give up their options. A simple thing like basing welfare support on the lack of a man in the home has resulted in the breakup of many poor families, to their detriment. And over time, the relevance of men to a family has been so obscured that it is no wonder if men feel they have little place in our society, and care little for whether it or their fellow human beings survive.

Let’s show people a path forward, not through federal job-training programs, but through mentoring anyone who will allow us to. Let us all join “big brother/sister” programs and share our hope and optimism about the possibilities of the free market and small government. The liberals have taken over the schools. We can still reach open minds through volunteer groups. Reach out.

Unless, really, you don’t believe the fight is worth having. It’s the future, and you only have to endure part of it. But there are no other warriors than us.

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